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Internet Publication of Official Notices

In the 2002 legislative session the Florida legislature enacted section 120.551 of the Florida Statutes which authorized the Department's Internet Publication of Official Notices. After a successful pilot project, the Department was authorized to continue the Internet Publication of Florida Administrative Weekly notices.

On June 7, 2006, the Governor signed into law SB 262, which provides that the Department of State shall publish an official Internet version of the Florida Administrative Register that will provide the public with a service similar to that which has been provided by the DEP Internet Noticing site, except that it will apply to all agencies. Accordingly, the DEP has ceased to publish new notices on this DEP site, and will only publish official notices on the Department of State's Official Internet site.

This DEP noticing site will be maintained only for the purpose of searching and viewing archived notices previously published on this site.

**Important Notice for Users** Notices are published as Adobe Acrobat PDF documents. To use this site a FREE version of Adobe Acrobat Reader must have been first downloaded. For a FREE version of Adobe Acrobat Reader click on the following icon and follow the instructions for downloading Acrobat Reader.


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